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Prison To Purpose

Ben's inspiring journey of overcoming adversity began when he emerged from a five-year prison sentence, determined to rewrite his life's story and create a massive impact.

Real Estate Investing

Behind the scenes insights into the world of real estate investing, including strategies for success, selling to hedge funds, staying in front of market trends, and overcoming challenges and adversity along the way.

Wholesaling & Flipping Houses

Ben found his start to the real estate industry through the vehicle of Wholesaling. Ben is an expert at sourcing off-market deals, building a lean team, and selling properties nationwide to some of the largest institutions in the space.

Digital Marketing

Ben earned his marketing expertise through the school of hard knocks, dedicating well over 10,000 hours to mastering his craft. Today, he remains committed to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge social media and digital marketing strategies.

'AI' Lead Generation & Sales

The permanence of AI technology is undeniable. Ben and his team have invested countless hours mastering the art of harnessing AI as an internal sales force, adept at generating high-quality leads and converting them into successful sales.

Systems & Smart Technology stands as Ben's flagship system, designed to offer business owners an all-in-one solution to efficiently streamline business operations, manage and their contacts, and generate more revenue.

Social Media & Branding

Ben Lovro and his team boast extensive experience in cultivating brand authority. Ben emphasizes the significance of establishing a robust and influential brand.

Mindset & Daily Habits

Ben's approach to cultivating a powerful mindset, developing positive habits, and maintaining focus amidst challenges. He is passionate about sharing his best practices and breakthroughs with others.

Team Building & Collaboration

The importance of building effective teams and fostering collaboration to drive success in real estate and entrepreneurship.

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